The Black Kids – Dance With You – The Twelves Remix

The Twelves

Great dance remix by Brazilian DJs The Twelves, that inevitably makes you want to … dance.

For more of The Twelves, check out this mixtape at Big Stereo. Keep an ear out for the radiohead song Reckoner which they mix in seamlessly early.


  1. notaclichename says:

    Ahhh this is awesome!

  2. etownscott says:

    Dam, I’m feelin this jam. I really like electro these days. If you dig this you might also be into Sidechains. Check their myspace page.


  3. [...] The Twelves.  3/15 103 Harriet Street. (Saturday Night) .  Two DJs from Brazil that remix all kinds of indie rock hits from past and present.  Listen for their remix of Radiohead- Reckoner [...]

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