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emmanuel jal

I haven’t listened to any feel-good Sudanese Hip Hop in a while.

Emmanuel Jal blends socially conscious lyrics, catchy rock licks, and some complex African style drum beats to create a unique sound.

What makes his accomplishments even more impressive is his personal background. Born in Sudan, Emmanuel’s mom was killed by civil war fighting at the age of 7, and his dad joined one of the ‘people’s’ armies. He was then forced into becoming a child soldier in Ethiopia before running away, and then found by a British aid worker who smuggled him into Kenya.

In Kenya, Emmanuel discovered music.

Learn more about Emmanuel Jal here.

He’s also the focus of a new documentary War Child which tells the story of his life.


  1. roachie says:

    not being funny right.
    but it’s quite painful to read such wonderful comments and brilliant discriptions on emmanuel jal’s music and lyrics such as emma. it’s painful because i made this music and form these lyrics. i would not have said anything, but i guess i had enough of being silence and just watch how my soul is being crapped on by people pushing me away from my work.
    i will not mention this again. but just to put the record straight, if truth be told, and being that this whole thing is about fighting injustice. dont you think that it is jus to give a man his due? and credit him for his work in a just and upright manner?
    which human being on this planet, would create something and be happy
    if every story that is written about their creative works has nothing in it about them.
    two n a half years of my life went into the making of this warchild album with the exception of only two songs.
    that music that you so eloquently discribed, that’s my work. emmanuel jal does not do music.
    that voice you hear on those tracks including emma, that’s my voice, those lyrics that you hear etc.
    this is a new year 09 and if it be ok for others to decieve without blinking or thinking that it’s wrong and immoral to do so, then i have no choice but to put the record straight.

  2. A Holmes says:

    So you’re saying that you wrote this song, not Emmanuel Jal?

  3. HempireMusic says:

    People say that rap is a dead form. I tend to believe different, I believe it’s just evolving, and staying current. Prime example is what we’ve been doing over here… Check out Kryptik – V.I.P ft. Crooked I. Just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. against night

  4. elbow says:

    the guy is great.i wish to be more than him.keep up uncle

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