Frightened Rabbit – Poke

frightened rabbit

Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band. Formed in 2004 by brothers Scott and Grant Hutchison. They then recruited members Billy Kennedy and Andy Monaghan in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

Here’s what Scott Hutchison has to say about the changes in the band’s lineup, which also speaks to the band’s style and way of doing things. (from Wikipedia)

” the initial line-up in Frightened Rabbit was just myself. I had really only been messing with my 4 track for about 6 months before I started playing some shows on my own. Some of the songs still didn’t have words and I was mostly just mumbling nonsense half the time. Grant joined a year later, making the outfit much noisier. Billy came along about 6 months after this and actually made it a bit less noisy. He’s very calming like that is Billy. Andy has been in the band since January, and adds all the extra details we were missing before. Still not sure if we’re finished gathering members. ”

Song found via The World Forgot

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