Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire

Cut Copy

Started as a project by frontman Dan Whitford in 2001, Cut Copy has emerged as one of the world’s most loved Melbourne-based bands, touring worldwide with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Daft Punk, Mylo, and Bloc Party, and playing shows in front of 50K+ people back home in Australia.

This track, off their 2008 release, In Ghost Colours, stays consistent with the general themes of love and hearts, referred to regularly from start to finish on the album.

Before starting Cut Copy, Whitford was a graphic designer, which may explain why Cut Copy is one of the few bands to have a nice looking blog as well as a nice looking widget. I went forward and made my own Cut Copy widget too if anyone is interested.

Two nights ago, I saw them at the Mezzanine in SF, and of the 10+ shows I’ve seen there, Cut Copy got the crowd moving the most. Sure, The Presets warmed up the crowd nicely, but Whitford and co. worked the crowd like seasoned musical vets – performing simple dance moves and urging everyone to get more into it. What I like most about this is that they did it in a tasteful fashion that was neither corny nor cliched.

The lighting was spot on as well. Its no wonder that their top single off this album is titled Lights and Music.

Cut Copy offers both, and converts indie rockers and post punkers into fans of electro and new wave music in the process.

If you like this jam, checkout their music video for Saturday, off their first album.

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  1. Marina says:

    Such a great show! And from my hometown too!

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