JJ Grey and MOFRO – Orange Blossom – Music Video

Formerly going by just MOFRO, JJ Grey and MOFRO is a five piece jam rock band from Jacksonville Florida. For the last two years, and for their upcoming album, the band has incorporated two horns players, known indepedently as the “Hercules Horns”

JJ Grey is the frontman for the band. He sings, and he plays electric piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and harmonica. He is also the primary creative force behind the majority of their songs. Apparently, he recently decided that this position required his name to be incorporate in the band’s name too.

Fine by me, especially if it helps keep the band together.

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  1. matt D says:

    this song makes me want to own a pick up truck, drive around with a 12 pack and find girls who also drive pick up trucks and roll down the window and say,

    “nice truck, baby…wanna beer?”

  2. A Holmes says:

    Don’t forget to grow a handlebar mustache first..

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