The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations

5 Piece Rock Band The Hold Steady

From their third and latest album, Boys and Girls in America, this track makes you want to order a beer, tip the bartender a dollar, drink the beer, then order another one.

Its not too surprising that The Hold Steady were voted ‘best bar band in America.’ Who votes for these types of awards is still unknown, but I’ll still see this band the next time they play at a bar near me. True to their best-bar-band status, they sound like a typical bar band, but on steroids. Kind of a Jose Conseco of bar bands.

Let’s hope they don’t write a book about it…then get arrested coming into the US from Mexico with illegal substances.

Rumor has it that frontman Craig Finn and lead guitarist Tad Kumler decided to start The Hold Steady while watching The Last Waltz and wishing their were more bands with that 70s rock and roll sound. That makes three of us.

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  1. A Holmes says:

    Can’t listen to this song enough times

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