Paulo Nutini – New Shoes

Young, hot, brash – with an attitude that says who cares, its only adult alternative – Paulo Nutini brings the lush vocals on top of pleasant guitar licks.

This 21 year old Scottish sex symbol, er respected artist, has a full album of jams that are great to listen to in the AM. Just make sure you save New Shoes for when you’re putting on your shoes, whether they’re new, old, or sandals. You may also have heard any number of Paulo Nutini’s songs during TV dramas, such as Grey’s Anatomy or CSI: NY.

Paulo Nutini’s music is perfect for TV shows, just as so many Morphine songs are perfect for movies made in the 90s.

Random tidbit about Paulo: He’s a huge Celtic FC fan (as is Rod Stewart) but lets hope that Paulo’s interest in the club does not instigate riots.

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