Erik Mongrain – PercusienFa

Erik Mongrain Playing a Six String Classical Guitar

And I thought John Butler’s performance of Ocean was spectacular. Though John Butler’s performance brings a bit more emotion in my opinion, Erik Mongrain makes a six-string acoustic guitar sound like anything but. I’m assuming he uses some kind of pickup, but other than that, it’s just a standard six string, same as any musically-ambitious 15 year old has in his or her bedroom.

Erik’s style is referred to as lap-tapping. He’s influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Jean Sebastian Bach. No, not Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, but Jean Sebastian Bach, the Baroque classical composer. Now that I think about it, Erik’s sound isn’t that far off from a cross between Baroque melodies and heavy rock and alternative rock rhythms.

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  1. jollymonsing says:

    that is ridiculous. i bet that guitar won’t be able to walk for a week.

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