Home Video – I Can Make You Feel It – Video

Home Video (the band) are living in brownstones in Brooklyn, having moved there from New Orleans previously.

I get tastes of Muse and Radiohead with this track, maybe even a little bit of the Midnight Juggernauts.

Unfortunately, Home Video isn’t going on a national (or international) tour any time soon, but if you live in New York or Montreal, you can see them play live soon.

In the meantime, they’re recording a new album. Let’s all hope the tracks from their latest work have similarities to this one.

Pretty Lights – Sunday School

Pretty Lights – Sunday School

Producer Derek Smith of Pretty Lights

Calling all Sound Tribe fans…

Check out DJ and drummer duo Pretty Lights. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Pretty Lights bring beats that will get both jam band addicts and electro freaks to their feet.

If you’re expecting to see them at your local club, make sure you get tix ahead of time. Their shows usually sell out, regardless of location.

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal – Full Video


Those words have been crashing Twitter, where phrases reflecting MJs death have comprises ten out of ten Twitter trends. I think this is a first.

In memorium, I’m posting my favorite Michael Jackson song. Its probably not my single favorite MJ video, but its one of the best.

These mini-movies are part of what sets the King of Pop of part in my mind and what will forever secure his legacy as one of the only people to combine funk, rock, and disco, then sell hundreds of millions of records in the process.

These nine-minute music videos are always a great view. String a couple of these together, and you have an Adam-Sandler sized movie, though I’d probably rather watch Happy Gilmore for the 59th time instead.

Fort Knox Five – Brazilian Hipster


Fort Knox Five is a four-piece dub/funk/dance band from DC. They make me think of a funkier version of Thievery Corporation.

The four guys behind the band are Sid Barcelona, Jon Horvath, Rob Myers and Steve Raskin.

I’ve been listening to their stuff non-stop for the last two weeks. There’s also a remix version of their album Radio Free DC, which is top notch.

For some free downloads, here are three of their songs:

James Figurine – Apologies

Make way for electro lo fo.

James Figurine creates lo fi beats with relaxing deep-voiced locals on top. He often goes by Dntel, which may or may not be a shortening of the phrase ‘Don’t Tell.’ He also performs with the group Figurine (where he draws his name from) as well as with the Postal Service.

The Last Ambassadors – Dust

Listen: the-last-ambassadors-dust

The Last Ambassadors at the 111 Minna Club in San Francisco

The Last Ambassadors at the 111 Minna Club in San Francisco

The Last Ambassadors would have never been if it weren’t for dueling guitar players Jake Brill and Steven Flusberg friending each other as 14 year olds in suburban Boston.

And when I say friending each other, I mean it like actually meeting each other in a class or something, and not digitally friending on Facebook, which is more meaningful I think.

In 2006, they started putting together some songs on acoustic and electric guitars, slowly incorporating additional acoustic effects as that year passed.

In concert, listen for Flusberg’s space-defying guitar licks, and Brill’s Roots-inspired word play, often followed by the other band members suggesting ‘Jakie Don’t Stop.’

Jakie doesn’t stop, he keeps the jams coming.

The Last Ambassadors are on a West Coast tour right now.

Photos Courtesy of WWW

Sigur Ros – Saeglopur – Crash Overdrive Remix

Move Over Bjork, Sigur Ros is Quickly Becoming Iceland's Finest Musical Export

Art Rock at its Finest, Any time Sigur Ros Plays Live, They're a Site to Be Seen

Barely known outside their native Iceland until 2000, Sigur Ros has been playing soldout shows worldwide since, particularly popular in both Europe and the US.

They were brought to the UK by FatCat Records in 2000, and then signed with MCA in the US, which helped distribute their music there.

They have released more than 4 studio albums, plus a couple remix CDs. Their remixes are all over the internet as well, but you’ll have to hunt for them. I found this one at thesixtyone.

Glasvegas – Geraldine

Glasvegas is Bringing Black Back

Glasvegas is Bringing Black Back

What is a Geraldine? Is it a beverage? Is it a type of a car? A hand-sized mammel that lives in the Scottish Highlands?

While we’re at it, what’s a Glasvegas? For some reason, whenever I hear the name of this band, I think of Dirty Vegas, then I think of that song that was in the Mitsubishi commercial, then made fun of in the first skit in the first episode of Chapelle Show.

Regardless, Glasvegas puts a glorious spin on gritty post punk that makes it relaxing and smooth. I’ll describe it as gritty-smooth, which I realize is an oxymoron.

It was hard to pick my favorite song of this album, but Geraldine slightly surpasses their other jams as a single in my opinion.

Morphine – Early to Bed

One of my favorite Morphine songs, and definitely my favorite off their Like Swimming disc. I think this music video is one of their best as well, and its definitely the only video that got regularly airplay on MTV and VH1, back when those where the only two places to find music videos.

Remember those days? ;)

Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends

Manchester Orchestra is neither from Manchester nor an actual Orchestra. They are a grunge rock band formed in Atlanta around 2005.

They sound like something that came out of Seattle 10 years prior. Maybe they just grew up listening to those records.

Video found via RockWorms.